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A detailed description of Celecoxib pills was made by N. I. Kashin in 1859 and E. V. Beck in 1906. The main zone of distribution of the disease is Transbaikalia, the vicinity of the river Urov, but it also occurs in various regions of Eastern Siberia, as well as in Korea and China, Kyrgyzstan, Primorsky Krai and European regions of USA.

Both sexes are affected, predominantly adolescents and children. The fact is that the disease develops in the human body only during the period of rapid bone growth - at 6-14 years. In 4-year-old children, the disease is not traced, and in people over 25 it is extremely rare. Patients are usually undersized and short-fingered.

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  • There are several theories about the causes of the disease.
  • Vinogradov's mineral theory seems the most logical, stating that the root of the problem is an unbalanced content of trace elements and calcium in the body, as well as a high concentration of manganese, strontium and iron in the water (or soil and food) of the area where outbreaks of the disease are observed.
  • Chinese experts put forward the hypothesis of hyposelenism, according to which there is not enough settlement in the soil and water.
  • One way or another, the ur disease is associated with an imbalance of trace elements, so that it is based on malnutrition.
  • It is believed that another predisposing factor is rickets.
  • In adolescents, the course of Kashin-Beck disease goes unnoticed and extremely slowly.
  • Moderate thickening of celecoxib online joints.
  • The second, 3rd and 4th fingers are affected.
  • Movements are limited (elbow, wrist, ankle joints), pain is felt during exercise.

Accompanied by their deformation, thickening, limited mobility and crunch.

We are a team Deformity of all joints. At this stage, the patient's growth is sharply inhibited, flat feet, a bear's paw, a short neck, and a duck's gait are observed. In severe stages of the lesion, the following symptoms are possible: heartache; headache; wrinkled skin; poor appetite; dull hair and nails..

The following types of diagnostics help to identify the problem: If treatment is started early, there is a 30% chance that the process will be reversible. In the later stages, it is possible to slow down the process, increase celecoxib pills and reduce pain. Patients take phosphorus and calcium, biological stimulants (ATP, aloe, FiBS, vitreous body) and resort to massage, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy.

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